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Historically, verified people have had a LOT more success finding people on here, so it is always suggested! Don't write "PM'd" "I pm'd you" "check your inbox" or any other variant as a comment to a post. It screams desperate, and doesn't lead to increased success. Take your time to chat with them and vet them just to make sure that they seem cool enough to have the opportunity to have fun with you.

It doesn't add anything and just makes you look creepy and less appealing.

These effects are used to process MP3 files while they are being played back, and to process the real-time microphone input allowing you to change your voice during a Skype conversation. NET application is not quite as easy as you might hope it would be. NET 2.0 Framework introduced the Sound Player component, which allows you to play back an existing WAV file.

While this may be fine for many scenarios, as soon as you want to do things even slightly more advanced, such as changing the volume, or playing back from a different file-format, or pausing and repositioning, you must resort to writing P/Invoke wrappers for various Windows APIs. NET, I create some audio-related classes of my own to compensate for the lack of audio support in the . I focused initially on reading and writing WAV and MIDI files, as well as playing back audio in a way that allowed real-time mixing and manipulation of the audio at a sample level.